This innovative and leading edge technology provides protection against scale depsoits, sediment and chlorine.  Tailor-made specifically for coffee machines/brewers, vending machines, beverage dispensers, combi steamers/ovens and ice makers.

In the food service industry, water should always be optimized the bestmax filter system; protectin equipment , eliminating downtimes and expensive service calls.  Your water is then always free of particles, tastes great and has no odor, making it the ideal ingredient for foods and drinks.


At FAIM we only partner with THE BEST in the food service indusrty to help maintain your equipment so it lasts longer and does the job it is intended to do.  Adding the BWT line to our "go to" list was a no brainer.  The BWT bestmax series will live up to it's promises in extending the life of your espresso machine, coffee brewers, vending machines, combi-ovens and even your ice makers.  Ask us what your options are today, and ask us how to get your free BWT besthead with a qualifying order!!

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