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Part # 130-61025

The OptiPure® Sanit-ICE is an external wall-mounted self-contained ozone ice treatment system. Easy mounting with a Z-Bar integrated into the back of the extruded enclosure. This unit will adapt to any size ice machine via a sophisticated control system. The unit delivers ozone through a single hole in the ice machine to a diffuser stone in the sump allowing ozone to dissolve in the water, treating the water, as well as off-gassing into the chiller compartment and treating all of the internal surfaces. Z-Bar mounting plate, drill template, grommet for the wall of the ice maker, diffuser stone, and 6’ Teflon tubing are also included.


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OptiPure® is a leading provider of water treatment solutions for the food service industry. Since 1975 we have built our business on a philosophy of listening to our customers and providing products that deliver measurable results. We couple this philosophy with an innovative approach in product design, no compromise when it comes to performance and a total commitment to excellent customer service.

          Excellent Products - All OptiPure® systems are constructed at the factory in Plano, Texas using premium quality      

          U.S made components and filter media. Systems are quality inspected and pressure-tested to ensure problem-free,

          out-of-the-box performance.

         Exceptional Performance - There are two important measures of performance with water treatment products. Do

         they deliver the benefits and impact your business as promised? And, are they proven to perform as long as they

         claim? OptiPure® guarantees results on both counts.

          Great Value​ - To measure value, add up the cost savings and operational improvements realized and subtract the

           total cost for water treatment. Over time, the cost for routine filter replacement has a significant impact on value.

          When you do the math you will come out way ahead with OptiPure®.

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