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We carry only the best brands to take care of every need that our customers may have in food service water filtration and air sanitizing.  Our goal at FAIM Reps is to supply our customers with SOLUTIONS, not filtration or treatment gimmicks!

We have also gone beyond that to supply our customers with top of the line frozen beverage products with Frosty Factory brand machines.

THE choice for water treatment


Systems IV specializes in the manufacturing of water treatment for the food service industry. We manufacture systems that provide filtration and most importantly, 'scale free' water to steam cookers and ice machines. We believe that controlling scale in water is vital to ensure that restaurant equipment operates reliably and consistently. This can only be done with proper water treatment.

THE choice for Dedicated Scale Treatment


TERRY is the worldwide leader in water treatment products that eliminate scale.  By eliminating scale TERRY products save clients money.  Whether in a large commercial warewasher or a small office coffee maker, TERRY products can solve your hard water problems.

Scale is the root cause of virtually all equipment service calls for equipment that uses water.  Hard water prevents equipment from performing as specified and causes premature breakdown.  Over 70% of U.S. water supplies are designated as hard to extremely hard water.  Minerals contained in hard water cling to solid surfaces and for what is referred to as scale. TERRY provides commercial scale elimination for Hot Beverage, Warewashers, Ice Makers and Steamers.

High Quality  water filtration at GREAT prices


Here at FAIM we try our hardest to carry ALL the best in water filtration that is why we carry the OptiPure® line.  OptiPure® is a leading provider of water treatment solutions for the foodservice industry.  They manufacture a complete line of commercial water filtration systems, membrane separation (reverse osmosis) systems and water softeners for ALL applications.  

The Better Air Solution...


FAIM is starting fresh, with a GREAT line of air purification products.  AirOasis makes a wide variety of amazing Ionization products from Induct to standalone.  AirOasis caught our attention with the Bi-Polar line of products, the Bi-Polar BPi2400 is an amazing Ionization product that easily installs in to any Ice Maker to rid it of bacteria and slime.  The best part moving parts or replacements, make for a one time purchase and years of clean ice.

Quality, Durability, Simplicity, Mobility


From lines of machines in daiquiri bars, to margarita machines in Mexican Restaurants, to frozen specialty drinks in coffee shops, Frosty Factory supplies equipment to a very large variety of applications and serves the complete requirements of today's foodservice operators. Quality equipment and total customer support make Frosty Factory the only choice for frozen beverage equipment.

Simplicity, Reliability, Performance


With over 50 years in the Ice Maker industry Larry, our fearless leader, is impressed all the time with how well built and how easy to operate ICETRO America cubers are.  For more information, including specification sheets, Product Catalogs and Warranty information please visit the Icetro American page.

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